Our OHS team of experts offers OHS advisory and management services for the facilities management and built environment sector. We determine the minimum safety requirements legislated by government and employ best practices to ensure the safety of our clients, the facility and various civil and construction projects.

We offer the following OHS services:

> Project and safety management
> Construction safety
> Commercial safety
> Safety/SHE Integrated Systems Framework

The OHS (Occupational Health Safety) Services comprise of:

> Health and Safety Compliance (OHS Act)
> Health and Safety Compliance (Construction Regulations)
> Health and Safety Compliance (Mine, Health and Safety Act)
> Project and safety management
> Compliance audits
> Contractor OHS compliance management
> Compilation of safety files
> Assessment and appraisal of safety files and reports
> Evaluation of OHS plans
> Application and maintenance of construction work permits

Our system includes but is not limited to:

occupational health safety